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Annotated bibliographies of peer-reviewed papers supported by New Harvest. To see a list of publications currently under review, visit our Preprints page.

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July 13, 2023

Enzymatic degradation and ageing of additively manufactured soy-based scaffolds for cell-cultured meat

A. Garrett, K.L.M. Avegnon, L. Delbreilh, J. Segurola, N. Delpouve, M.P. Sealy

July 8, 2023

A simple and robust serum-free media for the proliferation of muscle cells

Stig Skrivergaard, Jette Feveile Young, Navid Sahebekhtiari, Cameron Semper, Meenakshi Venkatesan, Alexei Savchenko, Peter J. Stogios, Margrethe Therkildsen, Martin Krøyer Rasmussen

June 29, 2023

Engineering multicomponent tissue by spontaneous adhesion of myogenic and adipogenic microtissues cultured with customized scaffolds

N. Stephanie Kawecki, Sam C.P. Norris, Yixuan Xu, Yifan Wu, Ashton R. Davis, Ester Fridman, Kathleen K. Chen, Rachelle H. Crosbie, Andrea J. Garmyn, Song Li, Thomas G. Mason, Amy C. Rowat

June 16, 2023

Optimization of Culture Media and Cell Ratios for 3D In Vitro Skeletal Muscle Tissues with Endothelial Cells

John SK Yuen Jr., Brigid M Barrick, Hailey DiCindio, Jaymie A Pietropinto, and David L Kaplan