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Annotated bibliographies of peer-reviewed papers supported by New Harvest. To see a list of publications currently under review, visit our Preprints page.

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July 12, 2022

Edible films for cultivated meat production

Ning Xiang, Ya Yao, John S.K. Yuen Jr., Andrew J. Stout, Colin Fennelly, Ryan Sylvia, Aletta Schnitzler, Shou Wong, David L. Kaplan

July 12, 2022

Understanding biomanufacturing of soy-based scaffolds for cell-cultured meat by vat polymerization

M.P. Sealy, K.L.M Avegnon, A. Garrett, L. Delbreilh, S. Bapata, A.P. Malshe

May 20, 2022

An Edible, Decellularized Plant Derived Cell Carrier for Lab Grown Meat

Richard Thyden, Luke R. Perreault, Jordan D. Jones, Hugh Notman, Benjamin M. Varieur, Andriana A. Patmanidis, Tanja Dominko, Glenn R. Gaudette

May 11, 2022

Multi-Information Source Bayesian Optimization of Culture Media for Cellular Agriculture

Zachary Cosenza, Raul Astudillo, Peter I. Frazier, Keith Baar, David E. Block

February 4, 2022

Scaffolds for Cultured Meat on the Basis of Polysaccharide Hydrogels Enriched with Plant-Based Proteins

Jannis O. Wollschlaeger, Maatz, R., Albrecht, F. B., Klatt, A., Heine, S., Blaeser, A., Kluger, P. J.

November 29, 2021

Perspectives on Scaling Production of Adipose Tissue for Food Applications

John S.K. Yuen, Andrew J. Stout, N. Stephanie Kawecki, Sophia Letcher, Sophia K. Theodossiou, Julian Cohen, Brigid M. Barrick, Michael K. Saad, Natalie R. Rubio, Jaymie A. Pietropinto, Hailey DiCindio, Sabrina W. Zhang, Amy C. Rowat, David L. Kaplan