Our Giving Community

New Harvest’s work is powered by a global giving community of foundations, companies, and individuals who provide philanthropic and in-kind contributions in the form of funding, expertise, services, and goods.

Our giving community provides critical support to all aspects of New Harvest’s mission, helping us drive forward our operations and programs.

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1612 donors have contributed to New Harvest’s work since our founding

Foundation Partners

We are proud to thank the following foundation partners whose generosity and dedication to our mission make growth of our operations and programs possible. The following foundation partners have made contributions to New Harvest within the past year.

Corporate Donors

We are grateful for the mission-aligned companies and investor groups who are driving ecosystem growth and public research with New Harvest. The following corporate donors have made contributions to New Harvest within the past year.





Individual Donors

We are deeply thankful to the broad community of individuals who donate to our organization as monthly and one-time donors. The following individuals—and numerous others who preferred to stay anonymous—have made contributions to New Harvest within the past year.

In-Kind Contributors

Our giving community extends well beyond those who make monetary contributions. While it would be impossible to acknowledge everyone, a special thank you to the following (non-exhaustive) list of individuals and organizations for contributing their expertise, services, and goods to our work.