Built on Donor Support

Cellular agriculture is a brand new field. While we often hear about investment in companies, the field lacks the public infrastructure needed for ongoing innovation and industry growth.

As a publicly funded organization, New Harvest builds pipelines for talent development, bridges between stakeholders, and roads to new discoveries. We help to drive the field forward by:

  • Empowering Emerging Leaders: Training and supporting individuals towards field-level leadership roles that fortify and advance cellular agriculture
  • Mobilizing the Ecosystem: Creating productive venues to convene cellular agriculture stakeholders around key neglected topics
  • Collective Value Creation: Co-creating resources, knowledge, and tools that have collective value for the cellular agriculture ecosystem and beyond, building roads to new discoveries.

Empowering Emerging Leaders

The dream of all donors is sustained impact. We believe people, rather than projects, are at the heart of creating change. Projects, ideas, and initiatives come and go; what continues is an individual’s drive to make a difference in the world through their knowledge and experiences.

At the core of each of our programs, projects, and initiatives are individuals who we believe will spark growth and change in cellular agriculture. By focusing on individuals, we are building a community of leaders united by our mission and strengthened by our differences.


Number of research grantees supported through our catalytic funding 

> 600

Number of industry jobs created by New Harvest community members who have founded companies 


Number of universities represented by research grantees in six countries 

I thought at first New Harvest was just a funding organization that would cover the cost of my research and my tuition. But now I see that it’s this community that’s really there to support your research and career development and help you understand where you fit in to help build the industry.
Vanessa Haley-Benjamin, New Harvest research fellow, UK

Mobilizing the Ecosystem

Building a robust, diverse cell ag ecosystem is not simply about providing a venue. To facilitate collaboration across the field, New Harvest creates welcoming opportunities to support equitable participation and meaningful exchange.

As a trusted nonprofit research organization, we are well-situated to forge partnerships across sectors and between disciplines, with leaders in academia, government, philanthropy, and industry. We create bridges between stakeholders, bringing them together to discuss neglected topics, solve pressing issues and envision the future of the field together.


Number of annual conferences hosted  


Hosted the first meaningful collective action in the field of cellular agriculture 


Number of annual fellow retreats organized 

New Harvest’s thoughtful approach allows them to have productive conversations with a wide variety of stakeholders. They are a trusted and credible voice in an atmosphere with a lot of hype.
Jason Ketola, New Harvest donor since 2015

Collective Value Creation

Intellectual property is traditionally considered most valuable when protected, something which is key to generating a return on investment. At New Harvest, we are seeking a return on impact—how can we create the most change with our resources?

Our approach is to default to open. To maximize our impact, we ensure our assets are accessible for all to use, re-use, redistribute and build upon. We are building roads to new discoveries by co-creating the shared canon of knowledge needed to drive collective progress in the field.


Number of collaborative initiatives launched 


Number of peer-reviewed publications 


First to coin “cellular agriculture” 

Working in cellular agriculture, there’s a feeling of being lost because it’s such a new field. It’s so valuable being able to connect with and learn from others who feel just as lost. New Harvest brings people and research together so we don’t have to solve every single problem we encounter from scratch every time, which makes us much more effective. That’s the power of cooperation.
Kai Steinmetz, New Harvest research fellow, New Zealand