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Who We Are

Leaders in Research

New Harvest is a nonprofit research institute that supports open, public cultured meat research. Founded in 2004, we are the world’s longest-running organization dedicated to advancing the field of cellular agriculture.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to maximize the positive impact of cellular agriculture.

Our vision is for cellular agriculture to catalyze a more just world.

In winter 2020, we changed our mission from "build the field of cellular agriculture" to "maximize the positive impact of cellular agriculture." More on that coming soon!

When the goal is to create something that is beneficial for the world, rather that beneficial for the market, everything gets reconsidered.

Our Values



The ends do not justify the means. Our responsibility as a funder, thought leader, and public voice is to always use our power for good. 


Informed Optimism

It is important to communicate the promise and progress of cellular agriculture to the world—and to differentiate between the two. Data and evidence must guide us towards realizing our vision.


Inclusive Expertise

Our work cannot change the world unless we uplift new voices and welcome diverse perspectives to shape the field.


New Harvest fiercely protects our independence as a philanthropically-supported, nonprofit research organization.

New Harvest team members do not sign NDAs, hold equity in cell ag companies, or engage in due diligence with investors. New Harvest-supported researchers commit to publishing in open access journals and refraining from entering into business agreements or developing intellectual property—including patents—during the course of their fellowship.

New Harvest does not accept funding that challenges the independence of our organization or the academic freedom of our researchers and fellows.


What We Do

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