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What We Do

Accelerating Breakthroughs in Cellular Agriculture

New Harvest supports groundbreaking research reinventing the way we make animal products—without animals. If cellular agriculture is a new city, our activities are the critical infrastructure projects: the pipelines for talent development, the bridges between stakeholders, and the roads to new discoveries.

  1. Pipelines for Talent Development

    We fund the research projects and educational opportunities which train students in the unique set of skills required to grow meat from cells.

  2. Bridges Between Stakeholders

    We forge partnerships across sectors and between disciplines, with leaders in academia, government, philanthropy, and industry.

  3. Roads to New Discoveries

    We support high-risk, high-payoff ideas—novel lines of research that may seem like science fiction today but could transform our food system tomorrow.


How We Do It

We leverage our bird’s-eye view of the field to identify unmet needs and advance research that could lead to quantum leaps in cellular agriculture.

Research Funding

Research Fellowships
Seed Grants
Dissertation Awards 


Yearly event to convene the ecosystem, discuss thorny questions, and lower barrier to entry for newcomers

Frontier Initiatives

Collaborations with industry and academia to tackle shared challenges

Why We Do It

Scientific breakthroughs in cellular agriculture are limited by a lack of funding for pre-competitive, early-stage research. Typically, the trajectory for biotechnology begins with government-funded, basic research that is too expensive and exploratory for companies to conduct in house. Once that discovery-stage research becomes promising, companies translate the findings out of the lab and into products that change the world.

Because it lies at the intersection of food and medical science, cultured meat is outside the scope of existing grants from traditional funding agencies.

New Harvest fills that funding gap, providing researchers with the support they need to conduct that crucial, discovery-stage research which precipitates breakthroughs.

By funding academic research, we create a foundation of open, public data that advances the entire field of cellular agriculture.


Our People

Meet the people making an impact in the cell ag world.

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