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Fifteen New Original Research Publications

Published October 24, 2023 | Updated October 27, 2023 | Breanna Duffy

In April we shared 45 papers published by New Harvest’s donor-funded researchers. (Here’s part 1 of 7 on the blog.)

There have since been 15 new peer-reviewed papers published!

It is exciting to see the results of these projects, often many years in the making, come out into the world.

The open sharing of research methods and results is an important part of building the body of knowledge in cellular agriculture. This is the scientific basis of the field. It is what informs policymakers, inspires companies, and educates new talent.

Here’s a roundup of the latest published research at New Harvest:




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Given that it’s Open Access week, you might be wondering why a few of these paper’s aren’t open access.

Championing for open access publishing is hard. The academic system pressures authors to prioritize prestige over accessibility when publishing, and students are not given the tools they need to understand the complex academic publishing system and how to ensure their work is open access.

How do we push for open access publishing?

1) Recognizing that just saying all of New Harvest’s work would be open wasn’t enough, we developed guidelines to help researchers understand open access publishing and how to ensure their work is open.

2) In addition, The New Harvest OpenCellAg Repository was created to provide a place for cell ag publications to be “green open access” – a way of openly sharing publications that were not open, without paying into the broken system of academic publishing.

Want to help make all New Harvest research openly accessible? Donate to our Open Access Fund today.

Happy Open Access Week!

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