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A Compilation of Our First 45 Publications, Part 1: Scientific Reviews

Published February 22, 2023 | Updated February 22, 2023 | Breanna Duffy

Did you know that New Harvest has supported 45 peer-reviewed scientific publications in cellular agriculture?

As you know, building the scientific foundations of the field is a key part of our role as cellular agriculture ecosystem builders. That means funding fundamental, open research: the work that drives innovation, sparks follow-on government funding and investment, informs policymakers, and inspires the private sector.

This seven-part series will give you the full rundown of our papers, conveniently organized for your reading pleasure.

Before we dive in, a star (*) beside the link indicates that the paper is not open access, but most will be open access so that anyone – inside or outside of academia – can read it.

Here we go!

PART I: SCIENTIFIC REVIEWS (in chronological order)

  1. In 2005, the paper that started it all* was published, co-authored by New Harvest’s founder, Jason Matheny.
  2. Our executive director’s paper described how cultured meat was made, kick-starting over a decade of work exploring these possibilities!
  3. Going a step beyond how cultured meat is made, this review laid the groundwork for research in fat cell culture* – so important for taste and texture.
  4. This interesting review looks at the interdisciplinary nature of cellular agriculture, in particular, how cultured meat technologies were translated from the biomedical space.
  5. This review does a great job reviewing plant-based and cell-based approaches to creating alternative meat products and how they intersect.
  1. Edelman, P., Mcfarland, D., Mironov, V., & Matheny, J. (2005). Commentary: In Vitro-Cultured Meat Production. Tissue Engineering, 11(5-6), 659-662.
  2. Datar, I., & Betti, M. (2010). Possibilities for an in vitro meat production system. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 11(1), 13–22.
  3. Fish, K. D., Rubio, N. R., Stout, A. J., Yuen, J. S. K., & Kaplan, D. L. (2020). Prospects and challenges for cell-cultured fat as a novel food ingredient. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 98, 53–67.
  4. Zidarič, T., Milojević, M., Vajda, J., Vihar, B., & Maver, U. (2020). Cultured Meat: Meat Industry Hand in Hand with Biomedical Production Methods. Food Engineering Reviews, 12(4), 498–519.
  5. Rubio, N. R., Xiang, N., & Kaplan, D. L. (2020). Plant-based and cell-based approaches to meat production. Nature Communications, 11(1).
These reviews will be sure to give you a handle on the “how it works” of cultured meat!

It’s too bad that two of the above papers aren’t open (yet). If you’d like to help us make these papers openly available for all, please donate to our Open Access Fund.

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