A list of New Harvest’s collaborations with industry and other cell ag stakeholders.

2020 - PRESENT

The New Harvest OpenCellAg Repository

An open, free, and easily accessible repository for journal articles, book chapters, presentations, protocols, data sets, and other scholarly resources.

2020 - Present

Safety Roadmap for Cultured Meat

Uniting the global cultured meat industry around matters of safety

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Cell-Based Seafood

Putting cellular aquaculture “on the map” in scientific literature

IRNAS team with bioreactor
2017 - Present

Open Source Bioreactor

Building an accessible research tool for the entire cellular agriculture community

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2016 - 2017

Consumer Perception of Cellular Agriculture

Conducting the first American focus group study to assess attitudes about cultured meat


Crowdfunding for Conservation

Experimenting with new fundraising models for cellular agriculture research


The EVERY Company

Launching the world’s first company to grow eggs from cell cultures instead of hens


Perfect Day Foods

Launching the world’s first company to grow milk from cell cultures instead of cows

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2008 - 2011

The Environmental Impact of Cultured Meat

Funding the world’s first cultured meat life cycle assessment (LCA)