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A Compilation of Our First 45 Publications, Part 5: Media

Part V is about media: the liquid that cells grow and divide within, and its many components.

Published March 25, 2023 | Updated April 11, 2023 | Breanna Duffy

Did you know that New Harvest has supported 45 peer-reviewed scientific publications in cellular agriculture?

As you know, building the scientific foundations of the field is a key part of our role as cellular agriculture ecosystem builders. That means funding fundamental, open research: the work that drives innovation, sparks follow-on government funding and investment, informs policymakers, and inspires the private sector.

This seven-part series will give you the full rundown of our papers, conveniently organized for your reading pleasure.

Part V is about media: the liquid that cells grow and divide within, and its many components.

These next compilations of papers are starting to get really technical. We tried to give an easy overview for a non-science audience so you can grasp the importance of this work.

PART V: MEDIA (in chronological order)

  1. This study highlights the benefits of a critical growth factor for cultured meat production.
  2. This paper shows that adding heme proteins makes cultured meat tastier and faster to grow.
  3. Ever wondered why we need better culture media? This paper explains it all!
  4. This paper was the foundation for New Harvest Research Fellow Zachary’s 2021 publication on culture media optimization (the paper #5 below).
  5. Optimizing media is critical to scale. Machine learning makes the tedious experiments to optimize culture media faster and more efficient.
  6. This paper looks at further improving upon the machine learning approach to media optimization published in 2021 (the paper #5 above).
  7. This paper shares the recipe for the infamous Beefy-9 media – optimizing the classic B8 media, but for beef production.
  8. Want to know how to make growth factors cheaper? Find out here!
  9. Turns out that tailoring media to the cell type can decrease the cost and waste of growing cultured meat.
  1. Krieger, J., Park, B.-W., Lambert, C. R., & Malcuit, C. (2018). 3D skeletal muscle fascicle engineering is improved with TGF-β1 treatment of myogenic cells and their co-culture with myofibroblasts. PeerJ, 6, e4939.
  2. Simsa, R., Yuen, J., Stout, A., Rubio, N., Fogelstrand, P., & Kaplan, D. L. (2019). Extracellular Heme Proteins Influence Bovine Myosatellite Cell Proliferation and the Color of Cell-Based Meat. Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 8(10).
  3. O’Neill, E. N., Cosenza, Z. A., Baar, K., & Block, D. E. (2020). Considerations for the development of cost-effective cell culture media for cultivated meat production. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 20(1), 686-709.
  4. Cosenza, Z., & Block, D. E. (2020). A generalizable hybrid search framework for optimizing expensive design problems using surrogate models. Engineering Optimization, 1-14.
  5. Cosenza, Z., Block, D. E., & Baar, K. (2021). Optimization of muscle cell culture media using nonlinear design of experiments. Biotechnology Journal, 16(11), 2100228.
  6. Cosenza, Z., Astudillo, R., Frazier, P. I., Baar, K., & Block, D. E. (2022). Multi-information source Bayesian optimization of culture media for cellular agriculture. Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
  7. Stout, A. J., Mirliani, A. B., Rittenberg, M. L., Shub, M., White, E. C., Yuen, J. S. K., & Kaplan, D. L. (2022). Simple and effective serum-free medium for sustained expansion of bovine satellite cells for cell cultured meat. Communications Biology, 5(1), 466.
  8. Venkatesan, M., Semper, C., Skrivergaard, S., Di Leo, R., Mesa, N., Rasmussen, M. K., Young, J. F., Therkildsen, M., Stogios, P. J., & Savchenko, A. (2022). Recombinant production of growth factors for application in cell culture. iScience, 25(10), 105054.
  9. O’Neill, E. N., Ansel, J. C., Kwong, G. A., Plastino, M. E., Nelson, J., Baar, K., & Block, D. E. (2022). Spent media analysis suggests cultivated meat media will require species and cell type optimization. npj Science of Food, 6(1), 46.

Through our open access repository, we’ve managed to make all of these papers open so that anyone – inside or outside of academia – can read them! If you’d like to help us make more of our papers openly available for all, please donate to our Open Access Fund.

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