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A Compilation of Our First 45 Publications, Part 7: Bioreactors

This paper is the first of many we hope to support that makes the scale-up conversation accessible to a wider audience.

Published April 11, 2023 | Updated April 11, 2023 | Breanna Duffy

Did you know that New Harvest has supported 45 peer-reviewed scientific publications in cellular agriculture?

As you know, building the scientific foundations of the field is a key part of our role as cellular agriculture ecosystem builders. That means funding fundamental, open research: the work that drives innovation, sparks follow-on government funding and investment, informs policymakers, and inspires the private sector.

Here’s the last installment of our seven-part series sharing the first 45 peer-reviewed publications supported by New Harvest so far.

It’s been incredible to share such tangible, meaningful output from the research community we have been supporting since 2015.

Each one of the publications on our publications page is the result of months, more often years, of hard work in the lab. The individuals doing this research are emerging leaders in cellular agriculture, people at the forefront of a new technology who we are happy and proud to support.

These publications are outcomes that matter. They are the result of our long-term commitment to building and strengthening the field of cellular agriculture.

PART VII: BIOREACTORS (in chronological order)

  1. How we can design bioreactors for large scale cultured meat production?
  1. Allan, S. J., De Bank, P. A., & Ellis, M. J. (2019). Bioprocess Design Considerations for Cultured Meat Production With a Focus on the Expansion Bioreactor. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 3, 44

Bioprocess engineers are probably the most sought-after people in cellular agriculture today. Why? Because these are folks who work on scale-up, and it’s very hard to have that kind of experience just coming out of academia. It is a skill-set still very much needed in pharma today, and bioreactor work tends to live in the private sector.

This paper is the first of many we hope to support that makes the scale-up conversation accessible to a wider audience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of all of New Harvest’s publications. We’re so proud to be powering the field’s innovation engine.

Looking forward to sharing new papers down the line. And if you want a look into the future, you can track our not-yet published pre-prints here.

Keeping publicly-funded research publicly accessible is critical to maximizing the positive impact of cellular agriculture. Learn about how we are keeping papers open, and how to help, by donating to our Open Access Fund.

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