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Published December 8, 2014 | Updated October 4, 2021 |

New Harvest community members

“New Harvest’s work couldn’t possibly be more important. While more and more people are choosing to cut out or cut back on meat consumption, individual change will only take us so far. Technological innovations like the ones New Harvest is helping to bring about seem to me to be the best hope for a world with far less animal abuse and environmental devastation. Please support their vital work!”

– Nick Cooney, Washington DC

“By donating to New Harvest you are striking at the root of the mass meat industry which is harmful to the planet, unsustainable, and inhumane. There is hardly a more important cause to champion.”

– Jason Sawicki, Evans, GA

“Ever wish you could be part of one of history’s great scientific achievements? One’s happening right now, and it’s happening via New Harvest.”

– Travis Callue, London, UK

“I am a cardiologist who sees the health impact of high meat and cheese consumption everyday. New Harvest, by bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs and organizations across the world, is blazing the trail for developing cultured meat that can be more healthier, safer and sustainable than ever imagined in the history of our planet”

– Uma Valeti, Minneapolis, MN

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