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Calling All Aspiring Cell Ag Profs: Here’s an Opportunity for You

Calling all aspiring cellular agriculture professors! We’re seeking employee no. 1 for the Institute of Cellular Agriculture at the University of Alberta.

Published June 28, 2023 | Updated June 26, 2023 | Isha Datar,

In December we announced that New Harvest is working towards developing an Institute of Cellular Agriculture at the University of Alberta.

Now, we’re excited to share that job search has begun for that critical first hire: a tenured cellular agriculture professor.

***Check out the job posting here.***

This individual – the first dedicated cellular agriculture professor in Canada – will be a key part of our work to build out cellular agriculture’s innovation infrastructure globally.

They will be working out of a facility seemingly purpose-built for cell ag: Agri-Food Discovery Place, which is equipped for cell culture, large scale fermentation, and food science all under one roof.

Agri-Food Discovery Place is a University-owned pilot plant facility. It is a world-class innovative research, training, and technology transfer facility and provides education to highly qualified individuals. Image from UofA

It will be an incredibly unique role: this individual will be working closely alongside the University of Alberta, New Harvest and CULT Food Sciences on the OpenCellAg initiative to provide infrastructure, support, and funding opportunities for innovators and researchers creating the future of food through cellular agriculture.

This game-changing role will provide training in cellular agriculture practices to undergraduate and graduate students and lead innovative research involving the generation of protein and food components using methods ranging from precision fermentation to tissue cell culture.

Research from this institute will inform growing policy and regulations in the food regulatory arena and develop skilled personnel to fill emerging labour needs in the sector.

We can’t wait to see who steps up into this important role.

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