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Open Call for #NewHarvest2020 Programming Suggestions

Nominate a speaker or panel topic! Applications close Friday, March 13. 

Published March 2, 2020 | Updated October 4, 2021 | Meera Zassenhaus

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Every year, New Harvest hosts an event by and for the cellular agriculture community. This year, we’re introducing a theme…Elephant in the Room. 

Our mission has always been to address the neglected needs of cell ag (hence why we support academic research). In keeping with that mission, we want New Harvest 2020 to provide a forum for neglected conversations that the community (that means you!) feels are important for our collective growth.

“Elephant in the room” refers to topics which, although difficult, must be discussed if cell ag is to progress as a field. 

What topics need to be highlighted but are often sidelined or ignored? What dialogues, and between which individuals, ought to be facilitated?

…what is the elephant in the room? You tell us!

We’re taking suggestions for speakers, panel topics, exhibitors, and more through Friday, March 13.

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Meera Zassenhaus is Communications and Media Manager at New Harvest.