Sam’s project is the first at New Harvest to study food safety. For his Ph.D., he wants to know how certain pathogenic bacteria (e.g. Listeria, Salmonella, S. aureus) may grow in a future cultured meat facility. At the end of his work, he’ll be able to recommend ways companies can both monitor—and mitigate—bacterial growth in their cultured meat production.


Samuel Peabody posing with agar dish in lab

Selfie in the lab, taken while Sam cultivates Salmonella strains on XLD agar. Hypothetically, the risk of contamination in cell-based meats is low. Modeling the fate of potential pathogens under various conditions will tell us how they can be avoided and controlled.

New Harvest written on agar plate

Agar art by Sam 🎨 Salmonella enterica serotype infantis on XLD agar.