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New Harvest Partners With the Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium for Summer Webinar Series

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of June, New Harvest will be live-tweeting cultured meat webinars hosted by the Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium. 

Published June 15, 2020 | Updated October 4, 2021 |

flyer for CAOS

When New Harvest canceled our 2020 conference due to COVID19, many in the cell ag community felt the loss of opportunities to reconnect and share their scientific findings. To fill that gap, New Harvest is partnering with organizers Frea Mehta of LMU Munich and Tobias Messmer of Mosa Meat to live-tweet the first Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium (CAOS 2020): a series of online open-access talks by cell ag scientists in both industry and academia, with news and introductions shared in a Slack of almost 300 members.

Three New Harvest Fellows—Andrew Stout, Stephanie Kawecki, and Sam Peabody—as well as one New Harvest alum—Jess Krieger of Artemys Foods—are presenting their research in talks throughout June. As the Research Intern for New Harvest, I am live-tweeting highlights of the talks and coordinating with community members to share their own talk highlights and research on New Harvest’s Twitter platform. 

Many difficulties have come from COVID19, but one thing that I am glad to have come from the pandemic is the building of global online communities. CAOS 2020 has community members from six continents (no one in Antarctica yet), including many who may not have gone to a physical conference. As interest in cellular agriculture grows throughout the world, online networks like CAOS 2020 are important not only now, but in our post-pandemic future.

Instructions for how to participate:

Slack group

Nominate a speaker

New Harvest Twitter

CAOS Twitter

Viewing Details: Webinars can be viewed at The link goes live just prior to the event. Select talks will be recorded and available for only 48 hours. To find the link to the recording, join the Slack group. The event hashtag is #CAOS2020.


Thursday, June 11 – Engineered skeletal muscle from human induced pluripotent stem cells: lessons for cultured meat production (tweeted by Tobias Messemer)

Masatoshi Suzuki, University of Wisconsin Madison, Good Food Institute 

Tuesday, June 16 – An infrastructure for democratized cellular agriculture (tweeted by Tobias Messemer)

Dr. Yuki Hanyu, Integriculture, Inc., ShojinMeat Project 

This article was written by Emily Soice, New Harvest’s summer research intern. Emily will be selecting community members to takeover the New Harvest Twitter and live-tweet certain talks. If you are interested in live-tweeting a talk, please email 


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