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New Harvest Seeks Engagement Director

Published August 10, 2018 | Updated October 4, 2021 | Isha Datar

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For the past five years, we have been advancing innovative food biotechnology at New Harvest. It’s been quite a journey, growing a new organization, a new community, and being at the forefront of a new field and industry. We’re incredibly proud of the work that we’ve done.

Central to this work is our community.

We’ve been on a path of steady state growth, powered by the contributions of over 700 individual donors. Our community members have gone on to becoming pioneering cellular agriculture entrepreneurs, scientists, and employees. When I started in 2013 as Executive Director, I was one of the only individuals focused full-time on producing foods from cell cultures. Today at least 100 individuals are employed across a growing landscape of companies and organizations committed to do the same. (Talk about job creation!)

We’re adding another full-time opportunity to accelerate this space.

We’re looking for a community-oriented, science-curious leader to direct New Harvest’s engagement efforts. We’re calling in a self-starter who is ready to expand the depth and breadth of New Harvest’s reach. We need an editorial approach to partnership and network development, and this is why we want to hire you.

The Role

You will be:

  • Developing our engagement operations and mobilizing our existing community
  • Developing fundraising strategies and campaigns
  • Recruiting and overseeing a support team of freelancers, agencies, interns and volunteers, as needed

Your role will be multifaceted as you work with other members of the New Harvest team, so beyond a “classic” engagement role, you will also be:

  • Engaging with scientists and scientific content
  • Communicating and enabling others to communicate scientific content
  • Engaging with industry-wide developments on Capitol Hill

The Experience

We’re one part science foundation, one part distributed laboratory, one part science advocacy and awareness. Sometimes our audience is scientists. Sometimes it’s donors. Sometimes it’s policymakers. Sometimes it’s foodies. Oftentimes it’s people who are excited about how cellular agriculture can change the world. Sometimes it’s people who are less-than-excited about how cellular agriculture can change the world.

We will be working closely together, building capacity for a non-profit undergoing a growth phase.

We’re a small team and we’re constantly trying new things — that tends to happen when you’re at a scientific frontier, and you’re intending to do things differently. It will feel like a lot sometimes, maybe most of the time, and you’ll notice that the roles evolve and the work changes every six months or so. If you’re up for learning a lot, always, you’ll fit right in.

The Future

The Details

Here’s the full job posting with information on how to apply. The position is based in New York City.

See you soon!

About the Authors
Isha Datar is Executive Director at New Harvest