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Our land acknowledgment: A developing practice

Published October 20, 2021 | Updated June 6, 2023 | Stephanie Bailey

At New Harvest, we take seriously our responsibility to reflect on the history and legacy of colonialism, to situate ourselves within it, and to chart a way forward to dismantle ongoing settler-colonial practices. 

As a starting place for this work, we’re in the process of developing a land acknowledgment. Rather than a token, inert gesture, we are committed to developing a meaningful practice of honoring the land that hosts us and our distributed communities as a remote-forward organization. Our goal is to create a land acknowledgment that serves as a public expression of a deep-seated commitment to decolonizing our programming, practices and relationships. 

We are using this opportunity to consider our personal histories, privileges and motivations to engage in this work, as well as to learn about the past, present and future of the territories that we inhabit. We see this work as a starting point to develop new relationships with Indigenous partners and to deepen our thinking about the ways in which cellular agriculture may open up new possibilities to decolonize our land use and support Indigenous foodways and food sovereignty. Our guiding question: How can we steward this technology in a way that helps us care for the land that cares for us?  

As part of this process, we are educating ourselves and seeking guidance from Indigenous advisers. Here is an ever-growing list of resources and sources of inspiration that have guided our thinking so far:

We will update our community with our progress! 

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