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Announcing our safety collaboration with 3D Bio-Tissues

Launching the first collaboration of New Harvest Netherlands on the safety of animal-free media for cultured meat.

Published December 14, 2022 | Updated December 19, 2022 | Dwayne Holmes

I’m thrilled to share the first formal collaboration of New Harvest Netherlands.

The collaboration is alongside 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), a tissue engineering company based in the UK innovating in cellular agriculture and cultured meat production. 

The collaborative project will venture deeper into the safety and regulatory requirements of animal-free media, its ingredients and derivatives for the production of cultured meat in the EU, UK, and other regions as time allows, building on our efforts to align understanding on the safety of cell cultured meat and seafood.

The project, which will be undertaken over the next 12 months, will include:

  • Expert analysis on the current regulatory and safety legislation relating to the manufacture and utilization of animal-free media
  • Predicted milestones and corresponding timeframes
  • Defined action points

The aim? To better understand how, for example, 3DBT’s innovative City-mixTM cell-boosting supplements fit in. All results will be published openly on, the clearinghouse for public-private partnerships in cellular agriculture.

The team at 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd. New Harvest Research Fellow Alumnus Ricardo Gouveia 3DBT’s Chief Scientific Officer, and his supervisor Dr. Che Connon is CEO. ©3D Bio-Tissues Ltd

This collaborative project was one of four projects funded by the Good Food Institute Europe & EIT Food Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge, co-funded by the European Union. 

Here’s the press release for the London Stock Exchange for further information.

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Dwayne Holmes is New Harvest's Director of Responsible Research & Innovation - EU