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New Harvest’s Year In Review 2017

There’s nothing better than looking back at all that we’ve accomplished in the year.

To our donors: thank you for making this work possible. We’re continuing to change the way animal products are made thanks to your much needed help.

Published December 7, 2017 | Updated October 4, 2021 | Erin Kim

New Harvest 2017 recap


We so enjoy being able to build this field with you, and sharing our progress along the way.

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About the Authors
Erin Kim has been working in cellular agriculture since 2014, when she started out at as one of New Harvest's first volunteers while completing a Juris Doctor at the University of Alberta, Canada. Following the completion of her studies, Erin took on the role of Communications Director full-time, where she brings a down-to-earth approach to translating developments in New Harvest research into accessible content in print and on the web, fundraising communications, media relations, social media, and community outreach.