Our Raise for Research fundraising campaign saw 159 donors give $84,472 and pledge $90,000 in the month of December. The Jeremy Coller Foundation provided us with their full $100,000 gift match.

Thank you, donors, for your generous support!

Here are a some stats on our fundraising successes this year:

  • We raised a total of $891,565.03 in 2016*, up 63% from last year. We surpassed our goal of raising $750,000. Fundraising has steadily been increasing year after year, with the characteristic spike in Q3 typical of philanthropically-funded organizations.

Cumulative funds raised by month for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. 2013 was around 50,000, 2014 was around $250,000, 2015 was around $550,000, and 2016 was around $900,000.

  • In 2016, 272 donors gave to New Harvest, and 62.5% of them were first-time donors.

Number of new donators and, donors who gave that year, and total donars. 2013: First time, 51. That year, 70. Total, 139. 2014: First time, 86. That year, 122. Total, 225. 2015: First time, 124. That year, 190. Total, 349. 2016: First time, 170. That year, 272. Total, 519..

  • We have 49 active recurring donors, who in total contribute $12,011.37 per month to New Harvest. Recurring donors are incredibly crucial for New Harvest to maintain a healthy cash flow throughout the year.

Map highlighting the countries that donated to New Harvest

  • The majority of donors who gave in 2016 are in the U.S., with a large number in Canada, the U.K., and Western Europe, and an increasing number of donors coming from Israel and Australia. We also received donations from Bermuda, Argentina, Iceland, China, Japan, and New Zealand!

Map highlighting places that donated to New Harvest in the US.

  • Our North American donors come from all across Canada and the U.S., from both coasts, the midwest, and a mix of both urban and rural areas, including agricultural states.
  • Our fundraising goals for 2017 are 1) to raise $1,000,000 and 2) to double our recurring donor base to 100 monthly commitments.