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A $125,000 Gift Match Launches Today

Published November 29, 2023 | Updated February 2, 2024 | Isha Datar,

Guess what?

The Consecon Foundation will be matching all donations to New Harvest up to $125,000 this giving season!

***Double your donation, give today!***

In our Year in Review call yesterday, we asked Geoff why he supports New Harvest:


“I work for a charitable foundation that funds climate and environment work and we’re always trying to figure out what granting opportunities give us the best return on our charitable dollar.

In general funders tend to be risk averse and tend to flood money into areas that have already been de-risked.We want to be investing in solar in 1980, not in 2023, right?

But that’s not what New Harvest is doing.

What they’re trying to accomplish is not incremental, it’s audacious, it’s challenging, it’s difficult… and world-changing.

So I salute everyone for the support that has been given so far and I hope that you’ll join us in continuing to support the mission!”

– Geoff Burt, New Harvest Board Member and CEO of the Consecon Foundation


I hope you’ll join Geoff in giving to New Harvest during this year’s giving season.

If your company does gift matches for donations via Benevity, check us out through their donation portal.

If you want to send checks, donor advised funds, crypto, stock, PayPal, or wire transfers, all that info can be found here.

We’re hoping to raise $1,000,000 by Dec. 31. We’re just about there!

Happy Giving Tuesday!!

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