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01. 28. 20

New Harvest Funds Serum-Free Media for Cell-Based Seafood

Inside New Harvest Fellow Cameron Semper’s project to culture fish cells without fetal bovine serum.

02. 17. 21

Getting to Know…Stephanie Bailey, Development Manager

Stephanie Bailey is New Harvest’s new Development Manager. A University of Alberta alum like Isha, Stephanie brings a vision to grow and strengthen New Harvest’s generosity network.

02. 16. 21

Getting to know…Yadira Tejeda-Saldana, Research Collaborations Director

Yadira Tejeda-Saldana is New Harvest’s new Research Collaborations Director. Her food science and policy background comes to the team at the perfect time as New Harvest starts to look at maximizing the positive impact of cellular agriculture.

02. 16. 21

Getting to know…Vanessa Haley-Benjamin, Research Fellow

Vanessa Haley-Benjamin is a New Harvest Research Fellow whose work began on August 1, 2020. A Bahamian native, her research centers around the development of cultured mollusks.

02. 16. 21

Getting to know…Paige Wilcoxson, COO

Dr. Paige Wilcoxson joined the New Harvest team in June 2020 as the COO. With her background in psychology and social justice, she’s brought a unique perspective to help progress New Harvest’s work and mission.

02. 16. 21

Getting to know…Morgan Ziegelski, Science Communications Intern

Morgan Ziegelski is a Science Communications Intern at New Harvest. A second year chemical engineering major at Georgia Tech passionate about cell ag, she’s the new voice of the New Harvest Instagram and TikTok.

02. 16. 21

Getting to know…Gaby Floratos, Science Communications Intern

Gaby Floratos is one of the New Harvest Science Communications Interns. The new voice of the New Harvest Twitter and Linkedin, Gaby is bringing her technological background and passion for cell ag to the team.

02. 16. 21

Getting to know…Breanna Duffy, Research Operations and Outreach Director

Breanna (Bre) Duffy is New Harvest’s new Research Operations and Outreach Director. Her years of tissue engineering experience bring technical skills and a drive for change to the team.

05. 14. 20

Cultured Meat: Pet Food Edition

Pet food might be the underdog of lab-grown meat, but Bond Pet Foods and Because Animals say the chances of scientific success and consumer acceptance increase when the stakes are lowered.

04. 27. 20

New Harvest X IRNAS Bioreactor Begins Next Phase of Testing

This summer, researchers at the University of Maribor in Slovenia will study how cells grow and survive in the prototype.