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Biotechnology: Where We’ve Been; Where We Need to Go – Isha Datar Talk at The Empiricist League:

Published May 20, 2015 | Updated October 4, 2021 |

On May 6th, Isha Datar spoke at the Empiricist League’s meeting about the food of the future.

But we start in the past: the history of biotechnology to make food favorites like beer, cheeses, yogurts, to create all the vegetables we know today.  More recently, it’s also been able to give us new medicines and eco-friendly products.

Nutrition, medicine, environment, what other problems can biotechnology fix?  How about the issues that go along with livestock: humanitarian concerns, environmental impacts, epidemics, supply and demands figures:

The solution?  Isha Datar says cultured meat.

Biotechnology has gradually turned the chicken from a bird:


To a meat making machine:

fattened up chicken

Feathers optional:

featherless chicken

If we want a chicken breast, why not start from the cellular level?  Like Mark Post’s burger, made without a cow?

process of making cultured meatMark Post's cultured burger

And why stop there?  Biotechnology can make leather, milk, and egg whites.

Muufri milk

As biotechnology of food goes up, what goes down?

cultured meat statistics


To find out more about how biotechnology has, and is continuing, to make life better, healthier, and tastier, check out the full speech.

And thanks to the Empiricist League for hosting this event!