Dissertation Award

Established in 2019, the New Harvest Dissertation Award is designed to help graduate students who discovered cellular agriculture later in their degree make the leap into this field for their professional career. 

This award is currently closed. In a rapidly changing ecosystem, we are rethinking and redesigning this award to be most impactful for the years ahead.

  1. Fast Facts

    Application Due Date: We are not accepting further applications this award.

    Average Acceptance Rate: 0-1 awards granted per year

    Length of Award: 1 year

    Average Award Total: $10,000 USD

  2. Who is this application for?

    Ph.D. students in their final year of training (or those who have just defended their thesis)

  3. What is a complete application?
    1. Letter of recommendation from the candidate’s thesis advisor (1 page)
    2. Statement of  interest and applicability (1 page)
    3. Curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. Application Timeline

    Before the due date:

    Please email Research Operations and Outreach Director Breanna Duffy at breanna@new-harvest.org to request relevant application materials.

    Applicants are encouraged to set up a call with Research Program Director Jeremiah Johnston in advance of applying.

    After the due date:

    Decisions will be announced alongside fellowship grant decisions, roughly four months after a candidate’s initial submission.

  5. Decision Criteria

    Dissertation awards are intended to elevate members of the research community as leaders in cellular agriculture.

    We evaluate each candidate according to the following criteria:

    1. Research Output. Record of consistent research output via publications or conference presentations (evaluated from CV and advisor referee letter)
    2. Scientific Applicability. Ability to effectively articulate how the research a candidate has conducted thus far in their education is applicable to cellular agriculture (either in technique or subject matter)
    3. Community Commitment. Demonstrated enthusiasm for being an active member of the New Harvest research community and continue leadership in the field upon finishing one’s Ph.D.
  6. How do we support New Harvest Dissertation Awardees?

    In addition to the financial award, New Harvest provides dissertation awardees with the following opportunities to engage with New Harvest’s research community:

    1. An invitation to participate in New Harvest’s Slack channel alongside fellows and seed grantees
    2. An invitation to present research in a talk or poster at New Harvest’s annual conference

Looking for other forms of funding?

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Does the Dissertation Award seem right for you?