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New Harvest is here to help. We encourage all applicants to get in touch with a member of our research team well in advance of applying. 

How to Apply

To apply for the New Harvest Fellowship Grant, please create a SurveyMonkey account using this link. From there, navigate to the program “New Harvest Fellowship Grant” and follow the application instructions.

To apply for the New Harvest Seed Grant and New Harvest Dissertation Award, please email Research Operations and Outreach Director Breanna Duffy at breanna@new-harvest.org to request the appropriate application materials.

Have any more questions about any of New Harvest’s grant opportunities? Our approach to openness? How to design your research proposal? The day-to-day experience of being a New Harvest Fellow? For these and any other program-related inquiries, get in touch with Research Program Director Jeremiah Johnston at jeremiah@new-harvest.org.


Terms and Agreements

All potential applicants will need to agree to the terms outlined here in order to receive funding from New Harvest. A brief summary is below, but we encourage all applicants to read the complete document before applying:

  1. Focused Research

    While receiving funding from New Harvest, individuals may not run a business for trade or profit and must focus upon the research outlined in their proposal (unless prior written consent to do otherwise is granted by New Harvest).

  2. Public Statements

    We encourage New Harvest researchers to speak with the media, but ask that individuals notify New Harvest of all press engagements. It goes without saying that any research shared should be one’s own.

  3. Network

    On that note, any research shared between awardees is done so in confidence. New Harvest researchers should not share a fellow awardee’s research without their written consent.

  4. Conduct

    In all engagements with media, other researchers, and New Harvest staff, professionalism is expected and reciprocated.

Download T&Cs

Still have questions?

Get in touch with our Research Program Director at jeremiah@new-harvest.org